1.Fabric Inspection

Inspection items: appearance, weight, density, feel, pattern, color, width, length, weft skew, and weft arc of the fabric. We use a four-point inspection method, and each yard of defects will be rated as four points for severe deficiencies. Example: All holes will be rated four points regardless of their diameter.

2.Cutting Inspection

Masters cut out the panels in correct shape and size, according to the tech pack. It's the basic step before sewing the perfect hats.

3.In-line Product Inspection

Inspecting an in-line hat is to check whether the process meets the requirements of tech pack in production to discover and solve the possible quality problems in advance.

4.Finished Product Inspection

Handwriting clear or not; The direction and location of the label qualified or not; The content of the stitches qualified or not; Craftmanship of the stitches qualifed or not.

5.Inspection II. Inside of Hats

Material and color of seam tape qualified or not; Material and color of sweatband qualified or not; Measuring head circumference size qualified or not; Inside crown wrinkle or not; Line blister or not.

6.Packaging Needle Inspection

It is used to inspect if broken needles, broken screws or staples left on the hat during hats production, so as to eliminate the pontential risk of human injury.